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Monday, August 11, 2008

"Stringers: LA" Premiere August 20th 7.00pm (10pm EST) on TruTV

"Stringers: LA" Premiere August 20th 7.00pm (10pm EST) on TruTV

RMG News to feature on TruTV reality show

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - TruTV is chasing after the people who chase news. The former Court TV network has ordered twelve half-hour episodes of "L.A. Stringers," a real-life series about freelance news chasers.

The series, which likely will debut in September, aims to tell the behind-the-scenes stories of various 10-second clips that air during local and national newscasts. Viewers go along for the ride with nighttime stringers as they chase after compelling footage.

Described as "adrenaline junkies," the stringers drive cars outfitted with multiple police, fire and EMS scanners. Their mission is to capture the most visually dramatic footage of fires, shootings, car crashes, explosions, etc., and sell it to news stations.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter